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3D Online Configurator


HiStruct Building Configurator is customizable web based application that simplifies and automates steel building design, sales and engineering.

Automate your steel building design

Smart input

Everything starts with configuration. Our intuitive and straightforward user interface leads the user to the desired result. Never mind what is his background, knowledge of structural engineering or viewpoint.

Powerful CAD engine

We focus on high-quality model. HiStruct is based on the FemCAD engine. The level of detail of product template can be very high and contains all individual components that are needed for product completion such us connections, fittings and accessories.

Automated drawings

The perfect quote can contain also the drawings of the configured product. Such drawings are generated automatically by HiStruct. Having the full model of the product, HiStruct can generate scaled drawings with side views, top view, sections, axonometry or perspective drawings.

Advanced modelling

The engine uses variation based modelling that include all features of standard 3D CAD modeller and many unique modelling possibilities - such as Distributions, Components, Constraints - to ensure that the product and its components are fully customizable.

Price assessment

Speed and accuracy are essential for pricing. HiStruct takes into account full geometrical information of your product, clearly structured into individual components, e.g. information about the materials, surface treatments, assembly or transport that can be easily reflected in the price.

Quote generation

The quote is the front face of the producer. HiStruct uses quote templates customized for any enterprise, where the graphical rules correspond to the company graphical identity.

Why steel building configurator?

And how do we boost your productivity.

Higher productivity

With configuration software you are providing offerings tailored to customers with rules that are consolidated, automatic and available in real-time. Instead of days needed to produce a quote or a contract you can do that in minutes and move on to the next customer.

Better pricing

Better pricing discipline and margin management means greater business control and long-term profitability. Today’s ever challenging and competitive market expects implementing automation in quote management as the seller who delivers the first quote to a customer often wins the deal.

Extra customer service

With configurator application you are delivering an exceptional customer experience that inspires loyalty. Excellent customer service and exceeding expectations means maintaining relationships with customers before and after a sale.

Do you want to attract customers who are considering buying steel buildings?

Your sales team can get significant advantage with our designer that makes fast 3D visualisations of steel buildings according to client's needs. Let them all find the best deal with our configurator.

Increase sales, reduce processing of quote requests and improve your customer experience with HiStruct