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Access to HiStruct Building Configurator

HiStruct Building Configurator is accessible for the visitors of your webpages without any registration (public access). Visitors may configure the buildings without any limitations and place an inquiry once their building is configured. Your sales team however uses password protected HiStruct Building Configurator access (logged in access), strictly reserved for your team only, that allows full control over the Building Configurator.

  Logged in access is password protected and is accessible for the members of your company – typically sales partners,  representatives, or simply for users that you allow the access to your configurator. Configurator in logged in state shows full functionality as possibility to access the drawings of buildings, generating the Building Views or creating various options for the each quote request received.

  Public access of your configurator may be accessible for the visitors of your webpage, where your prospective customers may place the quote requests directly using the configurator. All quote requests received from the visitors are stored on your account so you can pick it up there and process it. Launching the public part of the configurator is not necessary in general, so you may well use the configurator only for your company private use.

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HiStruct Building Configurator – public access

The public part of  the configurator may be accessible directly on your website for your visitors – potential customers, who can input the quotation request directly to the configurator by editing the chosen template.

 a visitor visits your webpage

and opens the webpage where HiStruct Configurator is accessible, no registration required so far.

the visitor configures the building

starting by a selection of the template

continuing by changing of individual building properties, concentrated in various input dialogs. The visitor is able to  change the building dimensions, colors of individual building parts, number and position of windows and accessories and other options.

the visitor sends off the inquiry

by clicking on the “Send inquiry” button

HiStruct asks the visitor to fill in the contact details and information about the building location.

The visitor receives an email confirmation from the configurator, with attached Quote Request Summary file.

 you have received the new inquiry !

an email notification was sent to your sales team

The new inquiry is available in your HiStruct Building Configurator account for further processing.