HiStruct Building Configurator Outputs

The HiStruct Building Configurator outputs can be generated for each template modification by a licensed user. The outputs such as Building Views or Quote Request Summary are prepared as an empty template that contains the document settings such as paper size and orientation, tables, texts or cells that are further filled with the model data of the particular template. When using drawings in document outputs the settings may include the view parameters, number of views, view points, type of the views, content of the drawing – filtering of entities. The outputs can be generated only from the HiStruct account by a licensed user, not by the visitors of the public part your configurator.

Building Views

Building Views can be generated for any component configuration from your HiStruct account. The Building Views contain basic project and client information and your logo. This ready made output can be easily generated by HiStruct for each building configuration and  attached to your price quotation providing representative output in document format.

Building Views sample pdf file can be viewed here.

Quote Request Summary

Visitors use the configurator to visualize their wishes for the building configuration, and at the end of the input, they create an inquiry by clicking on Send Inquiry button. As a confirmation of the successfully sent inquiry the visitor receives an email with Quote Request Summary, in the form of pdf file,  that basically reflects the input of the visitor.

Project Summary sample pdf file can be viewed here.

your company logo

the template can be tailored to your requirement

visitor contact information


overview picture

Customization of outputs

HiStruct generated outputs can be fully customized to your requirement either by HiStruct Team or by yourself using Telerik Report Designer. The Report Designer provides solid tool for preparation of automatically generated documents with many tools and options, and provides professional outputs.

More information on Standalone Telerik Report Designer.

Additional outputs

Please let us know about additional outputs you may need, we will be happy to hear about it and add the additional outputs as needed.