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Let yourself be guided by expert consultants

Our professional team of engineers determines a solution that targets your satisfaction and works out the Technical Study as a first phase of the project. 

Technical Design consultation evaluates your needs, expectations and its alignment with time and cost-effective possibilities of our development.

HiStruct project starts with the technical study

The main aim of the Technical study is to determine the configurator model or design space. The solution is tailored for each client so that the templates perfectly fit the customer habits:

Structural Templates (responsive prototypes) are prepared for every customer separately – this includes the generation of structure, loading etc.

Output Templates are also prepared for each customer separately so that the client dictates the content, the appearance, various languages etc.

Technical Design is time and cost limited and contains an evaluation of your needs, expectations and its alignment with the time and cost-effective possibilities of HiStruct as well as specific project size and price determination (which is continuously agreed during the study).

Technical study may contain also an assessment of the automation in the organisation. HiStruct Automation rating scale is used to approximate the degree of automation design processes. It is based on the experience of FemCAD Solutions consultants with automation projects of construction companies, manufacturers and businesses involved in the modular systems and is also inspired by Industry 4.0 methodology.

Technical Study may contain a prototype of the HiStruct Structural Template. The output of the Technical Study is the Detailed technical specification that will become an Annex to the Custom Development Contract.

Technical study content - workshop with decision makers, roadmap for custom software development, prototype development.

What you gain with the technical study

  • consultancy on the building system rules and approaches
  • clear definition of HiStruct model (which use cases shall the configurator solve)
  • prototype to accept the solutions within your company
  • preparation of the development schedule
  • can contain work out of different scenarios involving time/budget

Result of the technical study

Our consultants spend a couple of days at your company discussing with various departments their actuall processes. The workshop with organisation’s representatives and/or key workers help both sides to understand the current situation and possibilies for futureimprovements. The deep insight into to organisation’s workflow, finding the best practices one one side and bottlenecks on the other side is essential for being able to perfectly fit the HiStruct solution to the organisation needs. 

The status assessment and the roadmap for improvements report is provided after the workshops. The improvement plan is complemented by a specific phase approach using the HiStruct platform.

Based on demand of by the client, or if the type of the projects requires such approach, the prototype of a configurator is developed. The pilot developemnt project is created within a short time frame (usually 2 weeks) and contains a volumetric study of the buildings or structures. The prototype shall be used to evaluate the internal adaptation within the organisation. Mutual feedback from both the client and the consultants team may be further elaborated in the following phases of the custom development project and serves therefore as a stepping-stone to a successful project.

Automation in the sales and design processes of a company.
Configurator development roadmap.

Possible roadmap using HiStruct

A)  HiStruct building designer for your building system (3D visualisation)

B)  Advanced configuration rules implementation to increase effectivity

C)  Advanced building elements such as company specific openings, accessories,  sheetings

D)  Structural analysis and design on HiStruct

E)  Structure code checks, optimisation

F)  BOM / Engineering report / Purchasing/ Quote documents / Drawings / 3D exports

G)  Interoperability, …

Our confidence results from past successes

Steel building volume in 3D configurator.
High-rise building system in 3D configurator of sustainable buildings.
Steel building structure for agriculture, lightweight framing of metal building.
Hybrid steel-concrete floor slab in 3D designer.

Identify your business thanks to HiStruct excellence.

About FemCAD solutions 

We are a small and effective team of experienced specialists. We focus to create custom made utilities, applications and solutions that involve structural modelling, analysis and design, aiming to increase productivity and efficiency for designers and engineers. Our tailor-made design software solutions based on 3D CAD modelling, finite element analysis and design/check based optimizations are created with respect to client specific needs and requirements. We customize the design solution for each and every of our client to fulfil unique requirements and to address all specific conditions client users might have in order to guarantee that the solution suits the needs perfectly.