Your customized configurator

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You know how to make your product,        we know how to sell it.

Added value to the service your company can offer to its customers is an essential in being vital and prospering. The 3D visualisation, instant engineering and quality request management significantly supports the impressive feeling that customers have about their partner and stimulate business. 

Custom software development

We develop client specific software tools that involve 3D CAD modelling, FEM analysis, code compliant design/check and various structural optimizations. Our solutions are made to fulfill unique client requirements and to address all specific conditions in order to guarantee the solution suits the client needs perfectly.

HiStruct boost your profitability

HiStruct is customizable web based application for product configuration, analysis, design, optimization and outputs generation such as overview drawings, bill of material, assembly lists,  sales quotations. HiStruct carries out fully automated structural design of product, including analytical model generation, FEM analysis, code design and structural optimizations.

HiStruct custom development

Challenge us!

We are small and effective team of experienced specialists. We focus to create custom made utilities, applications and solutions that involve structural modelling, analysis and design, aiming to increase productivity and efficiency for designers and engineers. 


… is cloud-based, versatile and vivid application

… covers many product lines and is capable of doing various jobs

… is customisable with outstanding support for inter-company development

… is easy to use and powerful tool

… brings additional value to you as well to your customers.

We will be happy to consult your project.