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How can I save the current configuration of the building?

HiStruct is an online app runing completely on servers. Every single action in the program is registered and therefore also stored. Simply said – you need no save button to prevent the current configuration from losing.

As a side effect, there is danger of losing your precious work when there is an issue with the internet connection of crash of computer. Every time you open particular component it appears in the latest status.

On the other hand, you may want to save particular design and disallow anyone to change the configuration of particular building. 

This can be easily done in the component menu by the publishing.

Revision setting of 3D building configurator.

Published revision has got fixed input values and cannot be changed. You have to create a new draft if you want to unlock inppot pages and resume editing.

Locked revision of 3D building visualisation.

Saved configurations, so called published revisions and the latest draft version can be switched in the component menu.

Revisions of 3D building visualisations.

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