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Is there any feature that unlogged user does not have?

HiStruct can be used in two modes:

  1. Guest user (no registration required) – who can design the buildings and send quote requests
  2. Logged user (registration required) – who cannot send a quote request but can benefit from advaced features of HiStruct


Logged user can add new projects, add new building models (components), edit them, copy them, delete them or filter out based on different criteria. He can open any previously created model, unlike guest user.

Projects editing in 3D configurator.
Incoming quote requests in 3D online configurator.


Regitered user of a configurator with public access can manage submitted quote requests, convert them into new quote project, filter processed requests and see contact details of the customer.


Sales representative or estimator is usually not going to send quote request. Instead, he can generate various reports and output files in the very last input page “Quote” (Building views, bill of material, 3D DXF etc.).

Steel building automated reports about the structure, panels, openings, pricing estimates, list of items, bill of quantity.
Configurator search box.


Guest user does not see the top bar of the application where a few handy features are available for logged users: language setup, user setting, search box, info box and feedback box.

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