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How to set up public access to HiStruct Building Configurator?

The following instructions describe the process to publicly offer the HiStruct building configurator on your company website.


1.       Create a well visible element (or elements) on your web page that clearly informs the visitor about the online 3D building configurator. It can be either a button, hyperlink, menu item, pop up text box or anything else that fits to your brand presentation.

2.       We provide web links to all building templates you purchased, that forward the visitor to your project space of the HiStruct configurator. You can use any number of them to promote the configurator.

Example of a single button:

Example of a picture grid:


Steel hall visualisation examples.

3.       Give us the email address that should receive quote requests generated by prospects.

4.       Give is the subject and email body of the template that is delivered to the prospect after sending the quote request.

5.       You’re done! Let’s wait for the first quote request



What happens next?

·         Prospect visits your web page and spots the online configurator.

·         Prospect opens the configurator and designs his required building.

·         Prospect send inquiry by filling the inquiry form. He is than redirected either to your homepage of HiStruct webpage.

·         Quote request confirmation is send to the prospect as well as to your configurator administrator.

·         New unprocessed request is announced in the Quote requests table on HiStruct, waiting to prepare new quote.

Example of the HiStruct menu with 5 unprocessed quote requests:


·         HiStruct is a web based application powered by Microsoft Azure.

·         It is running directly in a web browser (as html page), there is no need for download of any plugin.

·         HiStruct users are either logged users (i.e. your company staff) who can create and manage projects/requests or guest users who send inquiries of demanded configurations (i.e. any website visitor).

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