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What is HiStruct Building Configurator?

HiStruct Building Configurator is a web based tool that enables  an interactive configuration of the pre-engineered buildings. The HiStruct Building Configurator is a sales tool for businesses selling pre-engineered buildings, structures or products that can be customized in its dimensional or other properties.

The public part of the HiStruct Building Configurator can be accessed from your website, allowing the visitor to configure the building in a walk through model directly in a web browser in order to place an inquiry or quotation request.

The 3D interactive input, direct visualization and possibility to walk through the object, rotating the view from different angles attracts more visitors to your webpages. The HiStruct Building Configurator additionally allows your sales team to print out Building View drawings and other outputs. Such representative output can easily become part of the quotation for your clients.

Tryout Building Configurator sample templates

HiStruct Building Configurator 

web based application

running directly in a web browser, as html page, no need to download any plugin = no obstacles for the visitor

building templates

HiStruct Configurator is based on the templates that are tailored to your requirements and concrete manufacturing possibilities

large icons /  groups

variable number of icons that represents groups of properties that your client can influence

HiStruct Configurator Components

walk through model

HiStruct_move_icon  mouse wheel – move forward/ backward
HiStruct_pan_icon  right mouse button hold – move view
HiStruct_rotate_icon  left mouse button hold – rotate view

properties/ choices

variable number of properties that represent inputs for structure size/ behaviour

building views

smooth transition between the building views

How does the HiStruct Building Configurator  work?

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 HiStruct Building Configurator

is a tool for producers of prefabricated buildings that facilitates gaining more quote request by attracting more visitors to your website. The configurator can be also used for communication with the customers directly on the 3D model of inquired building.

What are the benefits gained by purchasing the HiStruct Building Configurator?

  • attracting more visitors to your website by allowing them to interactively visualize their idea about inquired building
  • keep the visitors on your website longer and allow them to input the inquiry directly to your configurator
  • multilingual environment allows usage across different countries
  • well arranged quote requests storing in different project phases
  • possibility to quickly create several building options to one quote request, so your client can choose from these
  • communication with client directly by sending a link to 3D model for review or cooperation
  • automated generating of Building Views with dimension that can be easily added to your Sales Quotation
  • the public part of the configurator my contain your tracking code (Google Analytics, Clicky, etc.) This way you get full control over the visits on your configurator pages.

Once you purchase the license for the HiStruct Building Configurator, HiStruct Team will prepare your individual instance of the configurator accessible only for your company (your configurator). Your configurator is then run on the 3rd level histruct.com domain in the form of yourname.histruct.com or directly on your domain in the form of yourname.yourdomain.com (via fixed IP address).  Your configurator runs on isolated instance of the application, therefore your data are well separated and protected.

HiStruct Building Configurator brings additional value

3D model

Send your customer a walk through 3D model to a web browser where their choices for the building can be visualized.

building options

Prepare several building options out of which your client can choose, based on the pricing, design or other features.

number of visitors

HiStruct Building Configurator boosts number of visitors/ inquiries coming from your website!

building views

Let your sales team to print out representative project view drawings of the configured building.

Interested in HiStruct Building Configurator ?

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