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Parametric configuration

Product configurator
for your sales

3D product configurator for you & your customers. You sell, design and build more efficiently.

3D product configurators

Engineering and construction are both about continuous problem-solving. However, many problems are repeating, anticipated and we know their solution. Spending time on dealing with such problems makes neither any additional value nor satisfaction.

There is a big demand for quality and speed that sometimes goes in the opposite direction to customisation required by clients, in the construction industry. It is oftern challenging to satisfy the client and solve all his problems with the limited resources that every person has. Not mentioning the fact that the client may withdraw the idea of having cooperation with such a fabricator when the process does not flow smoothly. This brings concern to both sides and effects future business cases.


Why do organisations need product configurator?

✓ To increase the Productivity

✓ Reduce the Production Cost

✓ To increase the Flexibility

✓ Employee satisfaction

Steel building 3D model in online configurator for sales
Prefabricated building 3D model in online configurator for sales
Concrete building 3D model in online configurator for sales
Timber building 3D model in online configurator for sales
Prefabricated garages 3D model in online configurator for sales
Lightweight steel purlins and girts 3D model in online configurator for sales
Carport 3D model in an online configurator for sales
Wooden shed 3D model in an online configurator for sales
Livestock building model in an online configurator for sales
Facede panels layout online configurator for sales

When to choose a configurator approach?

The industry and the product line that the organisation is strong in has got a high potential for automation in design processes.

Investment in knowledge base software system helping to automate the processes gives the managers lower risk than keeping the know-how within the technical staff.

Speeding up the project elaboration brings better service to customers and more comfort and satisfaction to employees.

Product configurator for your website

For organizations that operate in fast-paced markets, speed is of the essence. When pricing data is more streamlined, the workflow is streamlined too, time is saved, and more sales can be made. We know that and keep focusing on bringing these benefits to the daily practice of our customers. HiStruct Building configurator is the essential colleague to skyrocket the organisation’s automation achievements.

Drive engagement with a 3D product configurator!

Web-based product configurator

Do you search for web-based 3D product configurator for your business?

Steel building configurator

Visual purchasing has become a new powerful method for sales. Your sales team can get significant advantage with our unique app that makes fast 3D visualisations of steel buildings according to client's needs. We can easily fit it to your buildings so that 3D imaging will be a strong differentiation factor of your company.

Do you want perfect 3D visualisations to attract your customers prepared together with the sales offer in a few minutes so that you can focus on more important tasks?

See our ready-to-use product HiStruct Building Configurator.

Steel building 3D real visualisation  Steel building 3D real visualisation Steel building 3D real visualisation  Steel building 3D real visualisation  Steel building 3D real visualisation

Prefabricated building configurator

You know how to build prefabricated steel buildings. We know how to elevate your business with our 3D online building configurator.

HiStruct gives you a competitive advantage by automating your engineering and sales process.

Pre-engineered steel building visualisation

Concrete building configurator

Those who design concrete prefabricated buildings can easily prepare a 3D visualization and basic documentation for the client in a while. This way he can convince him of his professionalism and quick approach, because he does not spend a few days on the initial offer, but only minutes or hours.

The configurator facilitates communication with the client over a detailed 3D model and you immediately get input data for pricing (usually the amount of steel, the number of windows or doors, the area of ​​roof and wall panels, etc.). Of course, it is also possible to export the 3D model to CRM tools, BIM software or other in-house systems in order to utilise your current workflow.

Concrete frame and purlins 3D visualisation

Timber building configurator

Both you and your customers can design their buildings online. And thanks to interactive 3D model the visual feedback is very valuable. Any change you made in the model (size, colour, …) is instantly projected to the building you see in front of you. And when the price is calculated from building size and the number of openings, wall area etc. you can get it easily in a company style quote document. Our configurator gives you also the bill of quantity so that making a production lists is a piece of cake.

Timber frame and purlins

Garages configurator

Prefabricated garages are suitable for configuration thanks to design rules and finite number of available openings and accessories they contain. Replace your web form where your customers place their quote requests. Bring them closer to reality with 3D configurator showing them your product. It starts with sales but ends with production data that are also available in our configurators.

Prefabricated garages 3D visualisation Steel garages wiew from car model Steel garage with 3D car model

Purlins and girts configurator

Secondary structure design on buildings made of lightweight steel is not a time demanding task any more with this configurator. The distances are calculated according to the design tables or building rules for panels. Moreover, thin-walled cross-sections are designed and optimised according to design codes with respect to climatic loads. Purlins configurator is a perfect tool for any steel building elements manufacturer.

Warehouse building steel structure with purlins  Roof purlins lighweight steel cold-formed  Steel building structure with purlins and girts

Carport configurator

Visual purchasing has become a new powerful method for sales. Especially for small building objects and DIY kits. Let our customers design their wooden carport online and place an order. They get an  immediate idea of the final product and you encourage them to stay longer on your website. Carport configurators can also generate bill of items, drawings, assembly lists, instructions and much more.

Wooden carport 3D visualisation Carport list of items generation

Wooden sheds configurator

Better than 2D sketches, better than CAD drawings - this is 3D online configurator of sheds. You can let your website visitors design a simple building extension, terrace, wooden shelter. Never mind if it is freestanding or attached to the house. This is a perfect toy application for all DIY-men and wooden sheds manufacturers.

Wooden shed 3D visualisationCarport list of items generation

Livestock buildings configurator

Businesses operating in agriculture appreciate the configurator of steel buildings for poultry and swine. Any type of steel structure (truss girders here)  is completed by individual building segments like secondary framing, facade panels, internal sheeting, ceiling panels and internal partitions. Moreover, the 3D model contains also accessories like eave ventilations, cool cells, control rooms, doghouses, vents, inlets etc.

Steel building for livestock 3D visualisation  Steel building for livestock visualisation  Agricultural building visualisation

Panel layout configurator

Create complete list of material and panel layout drawings with our simple tool for facade panel manufacturers. It can distribute arbitrary sandwich panels, trapeziodal sheetings, corrugated panels etc. on a specified wall or roof plane. Parametric govern rules make it easy to adjust the panel orientation, tiling or alignment with openings.

Metal sheeting panel layout drawing  Metal sheeting layout report  Steel buildings automated drawings export of side views and plan layout.