3D Configurator upgrade is here

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The first upgrade of the year is here.

The announced upgrade of the HiStruct 3D configurator to the latest version is here. It brings several improvements that will make users' work easier and more efficient.

What does the upgrade mean for users?

Nothing major in terms of using the configurator. The configurator will continue to work as you are used to. The upgrade has no effect on existing projects either. They will continue to be stored in the configurator and users can return to them at any time. The upgrade is mainly about expanding the options when designing new projects.

Which new features does the upgrade bring?

  • Additional accessory such as gutter downspouts improves the look of your building as well as completes the bill of items for pricing estimates.
  • New 3D decoration like trees, other building volumes, storage racks or a grass texture on the ground to make your 3D renderings more impressive.
  • Graphically better confirmation emails (in HTML format) after submitting the quote request in a version for customer and for your sales team (e.g. here including a summary of the requested project).
  • Easy connection to other applications (via Zapier) to automatically send building or customer data to an external system.
  • The new faster program engine, which consumes 4.5 times less memory than the existing one, ensures faster program response and thus saves you time.

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