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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the HiStruct work?

Each product introduced in HiStruct is translated into product template. Such template describes the product geometry and its behavior when geometry changes, imposed loads, structural schema and members properties, structure behavior in particular design situation, non bearing elements. The translation of the product into product template is important part and needs to be done carefully.

Product template corresponds to the product in its real life, so the template contains  logical parts as components, that are reused in the product, components have unlimited levels of immersion. Product template and its components also contain many more than just structural information, these can carry the information about surface treatment, cost, other physical properties to resolve engineering disciplines as ventilation, heating etc. As well as the template prepare reflects manufacturing possibilities of the producer.

What products can be designed by HiStruct?

HiStruct comes most handy on products that have customizable geometries such as componential structures whose structural integrity needs to analysed by Finite Element Method and its bearing system checked according to national or company codes (Eurocode, IBC..)

The most typical product groups are prefabricated steel buildings, tents, glasshouses, storage systems, hyper storage structures, cranes, conveyors, various technology elements etc. These structures are mostly fabricated in different sizes/shapes, customized for nearly each of its users, but typically having well defined geometry that is repeated with small modifications.

How does your product get into HiStruct?

We get it there for you. We analyse your products and prepare set of product templates for each of your products with its modifications or versions. Product template is designed using the components from which the product is fabricated, carrying all information that is usually used in manual design process. Product template may contain high level of detail e.g. structural or nonstructural elements, coupling, technology…

Product templates are always prepared by us as a part of HiStruct customisation, so the templates and entire HiStruct fully corresponds to your needs. Our engineer comes to your place and with the information provided by you creates the product templates to your satisfactions.Each customised HiStruct solution runs on dedicated secured server and only the users that you specify can access it.

Can HiStruct create reports, drawings or quotes?

HiStruct may contain very high level of detail this includes e.g. model of steel building to its very bolt. HiStruct product template may be used to generate various itemized  lists/reports of the product the way the product is created (including components, project phases, different layers of items).

Predesign stage:
Bill of material
List of price schedule
Quotation for the client of the customized product
Product model pictures and Drawings

Design stage:
Detailed or Simplified Engineering Report (Analysis and Design of bearing structure)
Lists or reports for the other parties in the process

Manufacturing stage:
Assembly lists
Transport lists

At any stage:
export of analytical model
export of full geometrical model
pictures, drawings, tables, reports, etc.

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