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We are very proud that our customers appreciate HiStruct as a competent partner for their business. They express their confidence in our software development, value the close cooperation and pro-active approach.

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Client Testimonials & Success Stories

AGCO Corp.

former Global Engineering Manager

“I have worked closely with HiStruct since 2015 on multiple phases of a large project to automate our unique and complex business of grain storage and handling.  As a structural engineer, I can appreciate the ability of the HiStruct staff to understand the technical aspects of the project in addition to their innate ability to know the best ways to provide outputs which benefit various departments such as excellent 3D models for the CAD and sales department, BOM and quote information for the sales team, and this only begins to state the excellence of work compiled by the HiStruct team.

I have found the HiStruct team quite valuable in taking our general requirements and turning them into a thorough scope of work with detailed steps outlining the project timeline and requirements. The HiStruct team is quite organized and they all work very efficiently and effectively always staying ahead of our team. I can only hope that my team someday can keep up with the pace of the HiStruct team.

HiStruct has always responded to our needs in a timely and comprehensive manner which is critical to the continued success of a growing business.  Automation is an important facet of today’s business landscape as customers demand faster response times while requesting even more complex and economical solutions.

I have found the HiStruct team has the knowledge, experience, and skills to punctually deliver a professional result to your needs.  I can say that HiStruct has evolved from a supplier of services to a partner on which we have come to rely.  They are an important part of the future of our business and we have every confidence in their ability to deliver for us.“


Marian Streda, Technical Manager

„Developing a new product line for the company’s portfolio we faced the problem of software solution as it is quite unusual from the technical point of view. Looking for the best solution we get in touch with HiStruct who offered us the solution we desperately needed in order to dramatically increase efficiency. From the marketing point of view, everything was nice and shiny so the expectation was quite high.

Any inconvenience that happened during development was quickly discussed and rebuild by HiStruct. The new solution, if easy, was delivered immediately, the latest in a few hours. More complex mainly in next working day.

Based on our experience we decided to use their technology for all aspects of the new product line – sales, engineering, manufacturing and job site support.

Flexibility, innovations, responsibility and support. These are the aspects labelling the HiStruct company. Working with HiStruct was excellent.

It was my best experience in 15 years.“

PEM – Haly, s.r.o.

Martin Priputnik, Procurist

„HiStruct Building Configurator has helped us to increase the traffic to our website, thus gaining a lot of new customers. Customers especially appreciate the ease of use and the many features that allow them to design the building in detail.Thanks to the submitted model, we are able to produce a price quotation significantly earlier than with standard quote request demand.

Therefore, we strongly recommend HiStruct Building Configurator and we look forward to furthering cooperation.“

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