Modular Building Designer
Sell smarter & more

3D visual designer for off-site construction

Modular building configurator on the HiStruct platform is an enormously powerful sales tool that allows salespeople to quickly assemble a building visualization and prepare a quote at the click of a mouse.

Create the best customer experience from prospect to sale with an exceptional 3D design app for the modular & container building industry.

Save time, get better customer interaction and sell more!

You deserve a superior design experience.

Quick 3D renderings
Rapid configuration of complex buildings
Increased sales productivity
Empowered sales team

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Key Benefits of the HiStruct application

3D CAD modelling

Create a good impression
The business proposals that your salespeople create directly influences how customers perceive your brand, but it’s difficult to ensure that each person generates proposals in the same format. Our software standardizes your sales proposals, giving you control over the proposals’ appearance. Your reps will make a cohesive, professional impression that enhances your brand.HiStruct Building Configurator better serves today’s buyer who may not want to interact with your sales team until much later in the buying cycle, if at all. It makes your internal sales capabilities external in the cloud, so your customers can generate their own quotes and place orders with the click of a mouse. This means less overheads, higher customer retention – and higher profits.

Detailed configuration

Increase your reliability by proving your expertise
Clients deserve to be asured that they are dealing with professionals who can be fully trusted. Show off your expertise with providing fully detailed 3D model as well as simple overall visualization in one model.Detailing also helps to take into account all the aspects that affect final pricing of the building. Not ommiting such particularities in the design process convinces the client no obstacles will be omitted during the construction.

Immediate response

Shorten sales cycle
Automation tools make your quoting process simpler, faster, and cheaper. It reduces sales cycle bottlenecks, enabling your sales team to present exactly the right product mix at the right time and cost to the right customer.Prospects receive immediate response about the building appearance while modelling. Sales representative benefits from immediate response to what client needs.HiStruct Building Configurator software ensures enhanced proposal quality, higher customer retention, and shorter sales cycles. The ROI will be recognised in a very short space of time

Reports and drawings

Create winning proposals
Proposals must persuade your potential customers with a clear and convincing message. Our software can automatically include all bills of materials, list of items, explantory drawings and other content relevant to your proposal and the prospect’s industry. This will save your sales reps time, eliminates human error, and inspires key decision makers to sign up to your proposals.Moreover, numerous automatically generated drawings can be further utilized when detailing the project. Don’t waste your time by repeated documentation of a structure.

Sales quote

Help your sales team spend more time selling
The average sales person spends nearly 1/2 of his or her day on inefficient tasks, yet a simple 5% increase in selling time can increase company revenue by 20%. HiStruct Building Configurator automates many time-consuming tasks. Your salespeople will spend less time in the office and more time out in the field generating leads and cultivating new business.

Eliminate Errors
Studies estimate human error accounts for at least 30% of all mistakes in the workplace, especially during repetitive tasks. CPQ software eliminates lots of human errors because it allows the establishment of rules to automatically prevent incompatible orders and generate better, more accurate quotes.

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