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Grain storage site configurator

In the grain storage industry, customers demand quality and speed that sometimes goes in the opposite direction to the customisation required by them. Sales teams need to be armed with the right tools to succeed. To cope with changing client demands, time pressures and competition.

Configure a grain storage site for your customers, with your customers. It is easy. It builds engagement. It brings your customers added value. It differentiates you from your competition, saves your time and boosts your sales.

Grain storage site configurator is a customizable software for visual design of silos, towers, catwalks, material handling equipment and other accessories that your company produce. The software fully tailored to your needs.

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Pre-sales visualisations and quote

How to stand out when others are doing the same grain storages? It's not easy to cope with changing client demands, time pressures and competition. But we salespeople are creative, right?  

Configurator unlocks the creativity of 3D grain storage visual design, quick quote generation and customer engagement.

During a face-to-face meeting or remotely, thus online. 3D model can be sent to the customer as a link to a specific silo configuration. The configurator enables you to have immediate visual feedback from your client. Configuration is interactive and responsive. 3D visualizations, quotes, drawings or bills of items are generated by the HiStruct configurator right at the end of a configuration session.


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Proven platform for automation

Silos, towers, catwalks and generally entire grain storage sites combined together with material handling equipment and other accessories form complex products assembly. The complete storage system is usually a result of a multidisciplinary design taking into account important aspects such as storage, monitoring, aeration and material handling.

HiStruct is used to describe parametrical models of individual product assemblies within a 3D project site. The parametrical models of product assemblies used in the model are responsive and the user can refine the choices during the configuration process. HiStruct also features design capabilities of various levels of complexity such as design tables, routines or even finite element analysis in a combination of international codes (such as Eurocode or IBC).

HiStruct platform provides an obvious competitive advantage in the immediate pricing of different product variants, even for complex products. The platform consists of a wide range of tools that enable a high degree of automation. Automation such as activities in the normal business case lifecycle from inquiry through ordering, structural design and optimization, production, operation and maintenance of a specific product.

HiStruct is a place where customers, sales representatives and engineering understand each other. A simplified configurator app that is placed on the company's website attracts visitors. Advanced configuration options are available to sales representatives who enjoy the simplicity of complex layout configuration. Together with simple and quick creation of variant offers. The most expert features such as automated design are accessible to engineers.

Power of automated structural calculations

Highly sophisticated product configurators often require the use of various design routines. Sometimes it is just a choice of the right value from a table. Sometimes the design requires a more complex approach. HiStruct is equipped with various structural design features including:

  • scalable cloud-based finite element analysis (FEA) system
  • built-in climatic load routines (according to Eurocode + national annexes, IBC/ASCE climatic loads, ...)
  • load groups/load combinations generators
  • masses, dynamic load setup, seismic analysis
  • steel code checks (Eurocode, IBC)
HiStruct FE analysis

Outputs at your fingertips

Having a storage site configurator with reports available on a button click saves you a significant amount of time and effort.

Our custom configurations export company-specific reports and files such as:

  • configuration summary report
  • bill of material
  • quote for the customer (or local dealer)
  • approval drawings
  • erection drawings
  • design summary
  • engineering report
  • 3D model for augmented reality (AR)

Output generators are described on HiStruct to the company standards, using the unique brand of the manufacturer. HiStruct also supports exports to various formats for interfaces with third-party software, such as:

  • document exports to *.html, *.pdf, *.xlsx,*.docx,
  • drawings exports to *.dxf, *.pdf
  • structural model exports to *.dxf, *.ifc
  • analytical model exports to Scia Engineer via*.xml
  • universal exports using JSON format

Why do organisations need HiStruct configurator?

Tailor-made grain storage configurator developed on HiStruct allows its users to configure the product based on the user requirements. At the same time, it helps to follow the production possibilities easily. Configuration is always based on approved routines. The configuration also contains automated design based on engineering-approved routines.

Engineers tend to be very creative. HiStruct let them spend their precious time improving the product. Silo and structure development, solving new designs, searching for savings and preparing new products - that’s a better use of the engineer’s talent and creativity.  

The repetitive tasks are automated using HiStruct software. And the sales team gains speed by keeping engineers out of the quoting process.

Automating the quoting process gives sales representatives more time to process more quotes, approach more customers and build a relationship that wins more deals.

HiStruct helps other silo manufacturers to automate their sales and design.  

Would you be open to us sharing a few more ideas on how are they winning more business?


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