HiStruct usability improvements

Product Updates

Improved support for HiStruct users

Winter update of the HiStruct application was focused on two key aspects:

  1. speed improvements of the application
  2. usability imporovements

Improved speed of the application (not the engine behind) was achieved thanks to implementation of ASP.NET Core.

Usability improvements resulted from the user experience and our intention of close and effective cooperation with HiStruct users (both registered and non-registered). There are the following new features that were requested by our users:

HiStruct configurator log in page.


Every single person has to remember and maintain too many user accounts to various devices and services on the internet nowadays. HiStruct user account is one of them, as you have to sign in before you can fully manage the Configurator. This means you have to remember credentials.
However, since there are a few trusted companies whose user account you may already have we enabled to connect to the HiStruct with your Microsoft, Google or GitHub account.


User account management is controled by HiStruct Identity Server (id.histruct.com) from now on. This means that one person needs to be logged just once into HiStruct and can use all products that are enabled to him. No separate login is necessary.

Also, profile settings and password reset improved their interface.

3D configurator help page.


There is a new box that can be opened/closed in the top right corner (by the question mark button) of the app and contains valuable support information as well as direct link to FAQ page or email support.

Next to these, video tutorial are also included so that no one struggles even with the very first experience with our Building Configurator.

Such a help box can contain company specific information (if requested) and language versions.


Feedback is important to us. We want to hear from you so that your user experience is being continuously improved.

Any logged user can send us his/her feedback message easily with the use of the text box.

3D configurator feedback.

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