How to share a 3D model

Steel Structures

How can I share the 3D model with my colleague or the customer?

There is a very simple way to share your 3D model created in the configurator with anybody you communicate or cooperate with. Built-in features enable to automatically generate URLs that can be send to your partner or customer. You can find these in the component menu (top right picture icon).


Link for review creates a URL that can be used by anybody who does not have an user account on HiStruct. The link contains the private key to this particular one configuration. The key enables anyone to edit the parameters. Therefore, such a link should not be shared anonymously but rather to person involved in the design.

3D visualisation of building share link.


Link for collaboration can be send to your colleague who has got the user account o HiStruct.  Then, both of you can manage the building model and cooperate on the particular job. Your partner does not need an access to the project space you work in. But this particular component will be opened to him for adjustments.

Hint for you

There can be also shared projects within one project space. This means that users of HiStruct who work in common project space can see project and components of others. In such a case you don’t have to send any URL to your colleagues but you can see other jobs, not created by you personally, in the Projects. (This particular setting must be allowed by the FemCAD company. Please contact support if required.)

Cooperation projects on 3D building visualisations.

Did you know?

If you see that there has been no share link created before you can be sure that there is no one else who has the possibility to adjust your component.

Important – links for share can be created by logged users only

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