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Designing a steel building is often a complex and time-consuming task. Designers and sales engineers spend many hours drafting plans, making revisions and calculating quotes. But what if there was a better way?

We introduce HiStruct Building Configurator, an online 3D building designer that not only simplifies the design process, it revolutionises it. It quickly creates detailed and accurate 3D models of your steel structures and generates a quote, making it a favourite among users of the HiStruct platform.

HiStruct is renowned for its wide range of input and output capabilities, offering a comprehensive range of customisation options. This versatility makes it a popular choice for a wide range of users, allowing it to be precisely tailored to specific needs and preferences.

Thanks to HiStruct, customers can see their building in 3D, with every detail considered. This level of detail and interactivity is one of the reasons why HiStruct is one of the most popular configurators on the HiStruct platform. Its popularity is evidenced by the fact that it is featured on various manufacturers' websites, demonstrating its widespread acceptance and usefulness in the industry.

Integrating the configurator into websites allows customers to design their buildings and submit quote requests directly, facilitating a smoother transition of customer needs to sales representatives. This feature not only improves customer engagement, but also streamlines the communication process, ensuring that sales teams have a clear understanding of customer requirements.

With our parametric designer's ability to instantly create 3D models, you can easily visualise and test different designs before finalising your product. HiStruct is designed to speed up the design process, allowing quick revisions and instant access to quotations or bill of materials.

Don't let the design process slow you down. Contact us today to learn more about your custom 3D configurator with HiStruct and discover how we can streamline your design and sales process, bringing efficiency and precision to your projects.

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