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HiStruct user portal

We focus on your success. 

We share our expertise. 

We support your bussiness.

Purchasing HiStruct Building Configurator is not just about using a product – it gives you a partnership with professionals eager to boost your productivity. Together with a variety of documentation and explanatory tools we make up a complete and vital support.


Video channel

Visual content brings much more information today in a more convenient and comprehensible form. Explore our Youtube channel and see all the features and benefits of the Building Configurator


Tutorials & papers

Reading soothes. Reading of our written documentation makes you confident and well informed about our products and its exceptionary performance. 

Hand book 

Fact sheet

HiStruct Building Configurator Poster

Tips & Tricks HiStruct for users


Even thought we focus on user-friendliness and quick learning curve of our application you may seem unaware of some handy tricks and limitations. Be sure that you are not the only one and search for an answer of the freqently asked questions here.

How to share 3D model

What features are enabled to logged users

How to save your design

How to make our app public on your website?

No building template is visible

Is it possbile to simplify the input?

Updates & release notes

Continuous development reacts on user needs and enhances your achievements with the software. Explore how do we contribute to your as well as your clients’ satisfaction.

HiStruct language extensions (released November 2018)

Project management improvements (released December 2018)

Usability improvements (released February 2019)

New login (released February 2019)

Improved camera (released August 2019)

Graphical enhancements (released August 2019)


Here you can find important policies related to our services and your personal data. Please read them carefully!

Privacy policy explains how do we collect your personal data and how do we tream them.

Terms of service describe the rules you agree with when you use our services.

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